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Visit Klaustur, center of the south in iceland

To See

Skaftßrstofa - Tourist Information Office

Skaftßrstofa - Tourist Information Office

In KirkjubŠjarklaustur the Tourist Information Office is situated in Skaftßrstofa, on your left hand as you drive through the village. Located in Kirkjuhvoll in KirkjubŠjarklaustur. Skaftßrstofa is a visitor centre for the west territory of Vatnaj÷kull National Park, located in KirkjubŠjarklaustur. Winter opening hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 - 14:00 Closed on Weekends
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KirkjubŠjarklaustur was known in olden times as ôKirkjubŠrö (Church Farm) and was an important farming estate. KirkjubŠjarklaustur has developed into a village, the only centre of population in the district, with about 120 inhabitants and is also known as Klaustur.
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Fri­ur og frumkraftar á| áKt. 411009-2620 á| Klausturvegi 2 á| á880 KirkjubŠjarklaustur á| áTel +354 4874620 á| visitklaustur@visitklaustur.is

Vatnajokull national parká á á áKatla Geoparká á á áKirkjubŠjarstofaá á ááVisit South Icelandá á áInspired by Icelandá á áIcelandic Tourist Boardá áá


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