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Hotel Geirland

Hotel Geirland A unique experience located 2 km. from KirkjubŠjarklaustur by the road 203. There are 40 cozy rooms with bath, a restaurant and a bar.

Hotel Geirland

Hˇtel Geirland
Hˇtel Geirland

Phone: +354á4874677áand +354á8977618
Email: ágeirland@centrum.is

We offer super-jeeep tour for groups and individuals during the summer. The tour to Langisjˇr has been a great success for our guests. On the tour is a local guide who know everything about the area and knows all the story. On the way to Langisjˇr we stopp on several places like, Hˇlaskjˇl, Eldgjß, Lava-fields, Silfurfoss, ËfŠrufoss, Sveinstind and many more. We also offer special tour by request. Ask our staff for the tours and they can tell you all about them.

We would like to welkome you to our resturant where you will have the view for the country side all around you while you enjo a great Icelandic local meel. Our resturant is famus for itĹs skyrcake whitch Erla, The owner, has made from scrats and developed though the years.
Klausturbleikja (Local charr) is from the town KirkjubŠjarklaustur and we cook it in our unique way.

The rooms are modern, spacius and cozy as well as they offer a great view over the contry side. The animals on the farms around have impressed our guests and also the quiet country air. All of our rooms have private bathroom and with all sold rooms is breakfast included. Hˇtel Geirland is open all year long and itĺs great visiting us over the winter and attempt to see the northern lights.

Fri­ur og frumkraftar á| áKt. 411009-2620 á| Klausturvegi 2 á| á880 KirkjubŠjarklaustur á| áTel +354 4874620 á| visitklaustur@visitklaustur.is

Vatnajokull national parká á á áKatla Geoparká á á áKirkjubŠjarstofaá á ááVisit South Icelandá á áInspired by Icelandá á áIcelandic Tourist Boardá áá


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